Sea Search

What We Do:

The Sea Search program is run by the People and Parks Foundation- a not-for-profit charity whose purpose is to connect people to the natural environment in order to improve human health and wellbeing. The Sea Search program builds strong links with local communities by providing volunteers with a hands on opportunity to be involved in managing Victoria’s Marine Protected Areas'. With a Sea Search monitoring kit, volunteers work with their local Parks Victoria ranger and collect accurate data on marine biodiversity in relation to seasonal changes over time. This data can be used by the local community and parks management agencies to make informed decisions to ensure Marine Protected Areas (MPA) values are protected into perpetuity. The aims of Sea Search are to connect the community to their local MPA in order to promote stewardship of our marine 'front yards'; to engage volunteers in collecting marine flora and fauna data to assist in management of Victorian MPA’s; to create social connectedness between volunteers to promote mental health and wellbeing; to connect volunteers to the outdoor environment to increase physical health; and heighten the communities sense of place.


27 Albert Road Drive, Albert Park, VIC