Friends of Merri Marine Sanctuary

Friends of Merri Marine Sanctuary group

What We Do:

The Friends of Merri Marine Sanctuary (FOMMS) is a subgroup of Warnambool Coastcare Landcare and is in association with Parks Victoria that contribute to the management of one of Victorias 11 Marine Parks. The Merri Marine Sanctuary covers an area of 25 hectares of coastline at Warrnambool offshore from the mouth of Merri River. The large biodiversity combined with ease of access to this park make it one of the most vulnerable marine parks in Victoria. The seabed at the river mouth is a mixture of reef and sand, providing a range of habitats and diverse marine life. Deep canyons support a variety of fish including Parrotfish, Blue-throated Wrasse, Bastard Trumpeters, Magpie Perch and Dusky and Banded Morwong. Penguin colonies are also found on Merri and Middle Islands within the sanctuary. FOMMS host a range of activities including rock pool rambles, snorkel/dive adventures and marine monitoring programs. If you are interested in joining this friends group they would love to see you, come on and help maintain this wonderful asset for our future generations.


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