Reef Life Survey

Reef Life Survey

What We Do:

Reef Life Survey (RLS) is a national program that aims to improve marine resource management by developing and resourcing a network of skilled volunteer SCUBA divers. These skilled and motivated SCUBA divers collect reliable and scientifically-credible information on the state of the marine environment throughout Victoria. Partnerships with relevant management agencies and a steering committee comprising managers, scientists and recreational divers, facilitates effective biodiversity management by providing managers with biodiversity information and independent scientific outputs obtained over spatial and temporal scales beyond those possible by scientific teams. RLS also engages the SCUBA diving community in exposing current marine conservation issues, informs the general public of these, and makes marine flora and fauna data freely available to the public in a useable manner. We are always interested to hear from other suitably experienced and committed divers that are wishing to contribute to the program.


Postal Address: Reef Life Survey C/O - IMAS, Private Bag 49, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001

(03) 6227 7283