EstuaryWatch Groups

What We Do:

There are fifteen EstuaryWatch monitoring groups in total, thirteen of which are located in the Corangamite CMA region, whilst the remaining two are located in the West Gippsland and Glenelg Hopkins CMA regions. Seven of these groups undertake mouth condition and physical/chemical monitoring, whilst the remaining eight only conduct mouth condition monitoring.  EstuaryWatch volunteers conduct regular monitoring throughout the entire year, in an effort to gain a better understanding about their local estuary and how it changes over time (i.e. from hours to decades), both naturally and as a result of human impacts. The information in which they obtain also provides estuarine managers with a data set of information that can, and will be used, to make more informed decisions around improving and maintaining estuarine health now and into the future. Please refer to the EstuaryWatch online database at;, to obtain EstuaryWatch monitoring data, monitoring group, and estuarine related information.

EstuaryWatch Group locations:

Corangamite CMA Region:
Barwon River Estuary
Thompson Creek Estuary
Spring Creek Estuary
Anglesea River Estuary
Painkalac Creek Estuary
Erskine River Estuary
St George River Estuary
Wye River
Kennett River Estuary
Skenes Creek Estuary
Wild Dog Creek Estuary
Barham River Estuary
Gellibrand River Estuary

West Gippsland CMA Region:
Powlett River Estuary

Glenelg Hopkins CMA Region:
Hopkins River Estuary


Matthew Khoury coordinates the activities of all groups.


Ph: (03) 5224 9402