Corinella Foreshore Reserve Inc

The Corinella Foreshore Group

What We Do:

The Corinella Foreshore Reserve Inc. is the committee which manages, on behalf of DSE, the Crown Land comprising the Corinella Foreshore Reserve is appointed by the Minister for the Environment. The committee was originally constituted in 1910. The reserve, some 3–4 km in length, is in Bass Coast Shire and situated in the SE corner of Western Port. It encircles the Corinella peninsula, extending from high water mark to a strip of land on the high cliffs above. The reserve contains a considerable amount of remnant vegetation, including stands of Coastal Banksia and Drooping She Oak. Major Aboriginal relics (middens) are present throughout the reserve. Over the past 15 years the committee has carried out a very extensive program of native vegetation restoration.  Considerable work has also been done on the provision and upgrading of public amenities including walking tracks, boat launching facilities, picnic areas and Caravan Park. This work continues, including maintenance and extension of these improvements.


Secondary email:

Postal Address: Corinella Foreshore Reserve Inc, The Secretary, Care of Corinella Post Office, VIC, 3984

Secretary: (03) 5678 0245