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Reef Watch Victoria

What We Do:

Reef Watch is a project that encourages divers and snorkellers to monitor marine life at their favourite dive sites. Reef Watch aims to develop local knowledge in the dive community about the significance of cool water marine habitats and species; to develop a more highly valued marine environment in the broader community; and to encourage effective policies and actions to protect and enhance Victoria's marine environment. Reef Watch is not restricted to reefs and divers may choose to monitor other marine habitats including sponge gardens, seagrass beds, kelp forests, or sandy ocean floors. Surveys occur along the entire coastline and out to the state limit (5.5 km offshore). Key species are monitored, including algae, seagrasses, invertebrates and fish. Surveys can be taken at any time of the year. Reef Watch divers are supplied with a Reef Watch Monitoring kit to carry out surveys in areas in which they choose to monitor. Participants are responsible for all their own equipment, transport and safe diving practices. ReefWatch also conducts regular seminars and courses for volunteers to further their knowledge of marine plants and animals. Anyone can become involved and whether you are interested in just taking part of the annaulĀ Great Victorian Fish Count, or want to be a regular participant, you are encouraged to use the contact details below.


Wendy Roberts: (03) 8341 7446