Dolphin Research Institute

What We Do:

The Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) is is based at Hastings, on the shore of Westernport Bay in Victoria, Australia. DRI was provided with seed funding in the late 80's by people who were concerned about our local dolphins and what we were doing to our marine environment. It is now a sustainable not-for-profit conservation organisation self-funded from the community, the corporate sector and government grants and is a passionate champion for our dolphins, our bays and our southern coastal environments.

They deliver this through:

  • Research on our dolphins to understand the issues and propose solutions, 
  • Marine education with schools and the community,
  • Pro-actively influencing attitudes, policy and environmental management.

The DRI ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassador Program grew from the understanding that it’s people who influence change. Over 2,000 young student leaders have grown with the program, some are now graduating from university and becoming the next generation of environmental managers. DRI works to influence people, from young school children to the Minister for Environment. They have active partnerships with over two dozen community groups and agencies.  Their people are also active leaders in the Central Coastal Board, Yarra-Bay Action Plan and other key programs. 

DRI is a community organisation which takes a balanced and solution-focussed approach. Over three decades, the passionate staff, volunteers, members and supporters have enabled DRI to deliver tangible outcomes to legislation, policy and education which continue to benefit our community and coastal environments.  


Dolphin Research Institute, PO Box 77, Hastings, VIC, 3195

1300 130 949 (within Australia); + 61 (0)3 5979 7100 (ISD)