Friends of Point Addis (FoPA)

What We Do:

The group goals of the FoPA are to learn about the natural environment of both the Pt Addis Marine National Park and the adjoining Ironbark Basin Reserve, both of which are managed by Parks Victoria. They work closely with Parks Victoria to achieve these goals through replanting denuded areas; removal of weeds and invasive species; revegetation and other measures to limit erosion; track maintenance and reorganisation of use of vulnerable areas e.g. dunes, cliff tops. FoPA also conducts rock rambles to increase public knowledge of the intertidal creatures and participates in the Sea Search projects- snorkelling regularly to monitor fish life. Some of their activities include working with Parks, Landcare, Coastcare, and local companies such as Quiksilver and Rip Curl to rabbitproof fence, mulch and replant bare areas in the cliff top area.


Facebook page:

Bronwyn Spark (President): (03) 5263 2224

3 Point Addis Rd, Bells Beach, VIC, 3228

Parks Victoria Ranger: (03) 5220 2002