Government Investigations and Strategies

Victorian Government


Environmental Management of Marine Protected Areas (2011)
Prepared by Parks Victoria for the State Government
A report by Victoria's Auditor-General into how the state's marine protected areas (MPAs) are managed, which also highlights some of the gaps and failings in the current protection measures for Victoria's marine environment.

Marine, Coastal & Estuarine Investigation (2000)
Prepared by the Environment Conservation Council (ECC) for the State Government
The report to the Victorian State Government that recommended the creation of Victoria's system of Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries, Special Management Areas and Aquaculture (intensive marine ‘farming') zones.

Victoria's System of Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries: Management Strategy 2003 - 2010 (2003)
Prepared by Parks Victoria for the State Government
This strategy was prepared to guide the management of Victoria's highly protected system of 13 Marine National Parks and 11 Marine Sanctuaries. The State Government is yet to announce a revision of this strategy.


Victorian Coastal Strategy (2008)
Prepared by the Victorian Coastal Council for the State Government
The Victorian Coastal Strategy is the Victorian State Government's policy commitment for coastal, estuarine and marine environments in Victoria.

Australian Government


Australia's Oceans Policy (1998)
Australia's Oceans Policy was released in 1998 and continues to influence the direction of the Australian Government's programmes in the marine environment.

South East Regional Marine Plan (2004)
Prepared by the National Oceans Office for the Australian Government
The plan implemented Australia's oceans policy in the South-east Marine Region but was generally considered a disappointment by conservation and scientific interests.