Introductory Books and Field Guides

Australian Marine Habitats in Temperate Waters
By Graham Edgar
A superb general introduction to the marine ecosystems and habitats of south-eastern Australia and the effects of human interference. The book is a companion to Australian Marine Life: The Plants and Animals of Temperate Waters.

Australian Marine Life: The Plants and Animals of Temperate Waters
By Graham Edgar
The definitive general guide to marine plant and animal species of southern Australia. It includes 1500 photographs and current information concerning 1450 species.

Beneath our Bay - Port Phillip Bay
By John Gaskell, Christopher Smith, Evan Coker 
‘Beneath our Bay' is a beautiful photographic book focused on Victoria's Port Phillip Bay. The book includes images of 140 marine animals living within 33 of Port Phillip's most well known locations.

Best of the Bayside Marine Photographers' Journeys 2012
By Ray Lewis
This book is intended to showcase the images of many of our emerging Port Phillip Bay photographers, as well as some of those that are more experienced.

Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia
By Rudie Kuiter
The book covers almost all known species from the coastal waters of south eastern Australia, comprising 142 families and 855 species. All species are illustrated with at least one photograph.

Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast
By Martin Gomon, Dianne Bray and Rudie Kuiter
Winner of a Whitley commendation for best zoological reference and based on the knowledge of thirty expert ichthyologists, this book describes over 860 species that inhabit Australia's temperate southern waters.

A Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopuses of Australasia
By Mark Norman
The Australasian region is home to the greatest diversity of squid, cuttlefish and octopus species in the world and this book provides fascinating insights into the biology and behaviour of more than 60 species.

Introduction to Marine Life - A Museum Victoria Field Guide
By Robin Wilson, Mark Norman and Anna Syme
An excellent introductory field guide to marine life in south-eastern Australia - the first in a series by Museum Victoria. Other guides in the series include Crabs, Hermit Crabs and Allies, Barnacles and Sponges.

Life on the Rocky Shores
By Christine Porter, Geoff Westcott and Gerry Quinn
This book is your essential pocket guide to any rocky shore or intertidal rock platform in Victoria, SA, Tasmania or NSW.

Marine Decapod Crustacea of Southern Victoria - A Guide to Identification
By Gary Poore
This detailed guide provides photographs, identification keys and line drawings to assist with the identification of marine decapod species that can be found along Australia's southern coast.

Sea Fishes of Southern Australia
By Barry Hutchins, Roger Swainston
An excellent illustrated guide to the major marine fish species found in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and south-west Western Australia, covering more than 700 species, with 1000 colour illustrations.

Seaweeds of Australia
Edited by I. Christianson, M. Clayton, B. Alexander
Although published in 1981 and now difficult to obtain, this book remains a useful field guide for Australian seaweeds.

Under Southern Seas: The Ecology of Australia's Rocky Reefs
Edited by Neil Andrews
An excellent, easy to read book focused on the reef systems of southern Australia. Contributions by specialist marine scientists over 26 chapters.