Non Government Investigations and Strategies


Protecting Our Seas and Shores
A Victorian National Parks Association Report (2010)
Australian Marine Ecology undertook this report for Victoria's foremost nature conservation organisation, the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA). The report is guiding the VNPA's conservation work to conserve Victoria's marine ecosystems.

The State of Recreational Fishing in Victoria
A Victorian National Parks Association Report (2013)
A report conducted by independent consultants for the VNPA to document that actual impact of that recreational fishing has on the marine environment. This report shows that the management of recreational fishing in Victoria falls short of what is need to protect our unique marine environment and recreational fishing for the future.

Protecting Marine Habitat - A handbook for Victorian waters
A Victorian National Parks Association Report (2013)
Provides infromation about Victoria's marine waters and the species and habitats found within them. It also outlines how Victorians can help ensure these unique underwater environments are better protected, now and into the future.


Easing the Squeeze on our Ocean Treasures
Australian Conservation Foundation (2011)
An overview of the natural values of Australia's oceans and the current and future threats that our marine environment is facing.

Oceans Eleven - The Implementation of Australia's Oceans Policy and Ecosystem-based Regional Marine Planning
Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and Victorian National Parks Association (2003)
A review of the Commonwealth government's 1998 Oceans Policy and its implementation, also outlining a number of recommendations to make regional marine planning a success.

Out of the Blue - An Act for Australia's Oceans
Australian Conservation Foundation and National Environmental Law Association March (2006)
This report argues the case for a new national approach to oceans planning and management: an Australian Oceans Act and an Australian Oceans Authority to give strong legislative direction to the implementation of Australia's Oceans Policy.

The Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Program
An Australian Conservation Foundation Initiative (2012)
Provides an overview of the sustainable seafood assessment program that the ACF has developed with a team of leading marine scientists and the University of Technology, Sydney.

Protecting Critical Marine Habitats - The Key To Conserving Our Threatened Marine Species
A Humane Society International and WWF-Australia Report (2010)
A beautifully produced report that draws attention to the role of critical habitat in helping protect Australia's iconic marine animals including whales, turtles, sharks, seals and sea lions.