Technical Books


Marine Ecology
By Sean Connell, Bronwyn Gillanders (2007)
The most comprehensive and authoritative text available focused on Australia's marine ecosystems.


Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast
By Martin Gomon, Dianne Bray and Rudie Kuiter (2008)
Over 860 fish species inhabiting Australia's southern waters are described in this definitive book.

Fishes of the Open Ocean - A Natural History and Illustrated Guide
By Julian Pepperell (2009)
This unique guide covers all major fish species of the open ocean including tuna, marlin, swordfish and pelagic sharks.

Sharks and Rays of Australia
By Peter Last and John Stevens (2009)
The waters around Australia are home to the greatest diversity of sharks and rays on Earth and this authoritative book describes the 322 currently known.


Marine Decapod Crustacea of Southern Australia - A Guide to Identification
By Gary Poore (2004)
This is the only identification guide to southern Australia's 700 species of lobsters, prawns, crabs and shrimps.

Polychaetes - An Interactive Identification Guide
Edited by R. Wilson, P. Hutchings, C. Glasby (2003)
This guide to polychaete identification includes most of the known Australian polychaete fauna - more than 1200 species.

Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals: Fisheries, Tourism and Management Issues
Edited by Nicholas Gales, Mark Hindell and Roger Kirkwood (2003)
This comprehensive book examines the conservation of marine mammal populations, with a focus on the key issues of fisheries and tourism.

Marine Surveys

Survey Methodology for Temperate Marine Habitats
By Michael Kingsford, Christopher Battershill (1998)
Marine survey techniques are explained in detail in this excellent manual.

World Ocean Census - A Global Survey of Marine Life
By Darlene Trew Crist, Gail Sowcroft, James Harding Jr (2009)
An overview of the monumental Census of Marine Life and what it has revealed about the threats to marine ecosystems.


Australia's Mangroves: The Authoritative Guide to Australia's Mangrove Plants
By Norman Duke (2006)
Although only one species of mangrove exists in southern Australia's coastal waters this authoritative book helps demystify this often misunderstood habitat.

Australian Saltmarsh Ecology
Edited by Neil Saintilan (2009)
This is the first comprehensive review of the ecology and management of Australian saltmarshes, one of the most poorly understood and neglected ecosystems in Australia.

Estuary Plants and What's Happening to them in South-East Australia
Edited by Geoff Sainty (2012)
A field guide with detailed information regarding plant species found in estuaries along the south-east coast of Australia and information on management, monitoring, rehabilitation, case histories and ecological threats faced by this region.

Marine Plants of Australia
By J. Huisman (2000)
Marine Plants of Australia illustrates over 300 species of Australia's underwater plant life.