Technical Reports and Maps

Bays and Inlets

CSIRO Port Phillip Bay Environment Study 1992 - 1996
Report to Victorian Government (1996)
The last major investigation into Port Phillip Bay was the 4-year, $12 million Port Phillip Bay Environmental Study undertaken between 1992 - 1996. The study was funded by Melbourne Water and managed by CSIRO. The link provided leads to the general summary report, a comprehensive overview of the main findings.

Corner Inlet Environmental Audit
CSIRO report to the Gippsland Coastal Board (2005)
This investigation was the first environmental audit of South Gippsland's Corner Inlet and its catchment.

Climate Change / Global Warming Impacts

The Effect of Climate Change on Extreme Sea Levels in Port Phillip Bay
CSIRO report undertaken for the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria (2009)
An analysis of the areas most susceptible to sea level rises and modelling of the extent sea level rise in Victoria.

Marine Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Report Card for Australia 2009
CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship and The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (2009)
The most comprehensive resource summarising the latest knowledge on climate change impacts on Australia's marine ecosystems, including knowledge gaps and possible adaptation strategies. The initiative involved 70 authors from 35 universities and organisations.

Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts
Report to the Australian Government (2009)
The findings of the first pass national assessment of the risks of climate change for the whole of Australia's coastline.

Climate Change Impacts on Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture
Report to the Australian Government (2008)
A review of the known climate impacts on fished and cultured species from a range of fisheries and aquaculture operations around Australia.


Identifying Threats to the Ecological Condition of Victorian Estuaries
Report to the Victorian Government (2008)
This comprehensive technical report into Victoria's estuaries (where rivers and streams meet the sea) was prepared by Deakin University for the Victorian Department of Sustainability & Environment.

South East Marine Region

Marine Ecosystems of Australia's South East - Technical Report for the Development of the South East Regional Marine Plan
Technical Report to the Australian Government (2006)
An excellent technical report that provides detailed information concerning marine ecosystems in south eastern Australia. Produced as a technical report during the development of the South-east Regional Marine Plan.

Maps of the South East Marine Region - South East Regional Marine Plan
Technical maps developed as part of the South-east Regional Marine Plan (2006)
A comprehensive and interesting set of maps of marine ecosystems and human use produced during the development of the South-east Regional Marine Plan. The maps cover matters including conservation, environment, fishing, indigenous areas, legislation, multiple use, petroleum access, shipping and ports.

State of the Environment Reports

Victorian State of the Environment Report (2008)
Report to the Victorian Government (2008)
Prepared by the Commissioner for the Environment, the 2008 State of the Environment Report for Victoria reports on the current condition of the State's environment. See Part 4 that includes a report on Victoria's coast, estuaries and marine environment.

Our Seas, Our Future - The Australian State of the Marine Environment Report (1995)
Report to the Australian Government (1995)
Produced in 1995 through an Australian Government initiative, the summary report and comprehensive technical annexes remain useful references.

Threatened Species

Conservation for Australian Threatened and Potentially Threatened Marine and Estuarine Fishes
Report prepared for the Australian Government (2002)
This report reviewed the biological characteristics and conservation status of 114 species of threatened and potentially threatened Australian marine and estuarine fishes.